Learning Technologies from Building the "beforesleep" Website


2 min read

Recently, I created a website called "beforesleep," a journaling platform featuring a text editor with slash command functionality similar to Notion. This project taught me many new technologies. Here are some of my key learning points:

  1. Svelte: Initially, I learned React.js but found its syntax somewhat unfamiliar. When I discovered Svelte, I was immediately attracted to its architecture. Svelte is concise and efficient, making my development process smoother. I'm glad I chose to learn Svelte, as it not only improved my development efficiency but also made my code cleaner.

  2. Tiptap: To implement Notion-like features on "beforesleep," I chose the Tiptap framework. It's a fast and effective solution that made me admire the engineers at Notion. The user experience with Tiptap is excellent, greatly enhancing my understanding of advanced text editing functions.

  3. Cloudflare: Cloudflare offers many useful services for individual developers, with reasonable pricing and an intuitive user experience. I hope to use their services more in the future, as they truly enhance my development efficiency.

  4. Supabase: Supabase was a service I stumbled upon, providing an SQL database distinct from Firebase's main offerings. I found many problem-solving methods on Reddit, which were very helpful to me.

For the development of "beforesleep," I have many subsequent ideas and plans. The current project is not yet complete, but I am full of anticipation for future improvements and developments. I plan to revisit and refine this project after completing the current phase.