Just Built a Minimalistic Diary Platform: beforesleep"

Just Built a Minimalistic Diary Platform: beforesleep"

Oct 15, 2023·

1 min read

Recently, in my spare time, I successfully built a minimalistic diary platform beforesleep, using the Svelte front-end framework. The inspiration for this project stems from my habit of keeping a diary. Writing a diary not only helps me organize my thoughts but also allows me to document many cherished and interesting moments in life.

The process of building this platform has been incredibly enjoyable. I've not only learned new technologies but also expanded my technical stack. Upon the successful completion of beforesleep, I felt a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

While beforesleep is not yet a fully mature diary platform, I have plans to expand its functionality in the future. If circumstances permit, I hope to provide users with an even more outstanding experience.

This project has been a gratifying experience for me, an opportunity to combine technology with a personal interest.