ChatGPT: The savior for non-computer science graduates learning computer science.

ChatGPT: The savior for non-computer science graduates learning computer science.

Apr 30, 2023·

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Challenges of Learning Systems Programming

After transitioning to a career in engineering, I've always felt that my knowledge of relevant concepts, especially in systems programming and low-level knowledge, is lacking. These concepts can be challenging for non-STEM graduates to grasp, but they can be helpful for programming at the application level. Recently, I've been reading a book about systems programming called "Rust in Action". In this book, Rust is used to introduce systems programming, and there are many terms and concepts that seem complicated and confusing to non-computer science graduates. Here's an example of a passage that can be challenging to understand:

Page—A fixed-size block of words of real memory. Typically 4 KB in size for 64-bit operating systems.

        Word—Any type that is size of a pointer. This corresponds to the width of the CPU’s registers. In Rust, usize and isize are word-length types.

        Page fault—An error raised by the CPU when a valid memory address is requested that is not currently in physical RAM. This signals to the OS that at least one page must be swapped back into memory.

Do you understand these technical terms? I don't quite grasp them, but this is part of our learning process. We need to constantly learn new knowledge to expand our horizons and enhance our skills. Using ChatGPT can help us understand these technical terms or concepts and resolve our confusion.

Here's how I use ChatGPT:


Chat-GPT is an amazing technology that possesses powerful natural language processing capabilities, capable of helping people solve various problems, including learning and understanding complex concepts. In my personal experience, Chat-GPT has been very helpful for my learning.

When it comes to computer science jargon, I always feel a bit lost. However, using Chat-GPT has effectively helped me understand these concepts. Whether it's about computer architecture, computer programming, or any other computer-related topic.

I hope this article can help more people understand the value of Chat-GPT's applications and encourage more people to use this technology to solve their own problems.