Build a website with Rust [0], before beginning

Build a website with Rust [0], before beginning

Sep 24, 2022·

2 min read

In the first article, I will talk about my background first, and do some introductions before starting to write the article.

I am an IOS engineer who used to switch jobs from a stock trader, I tried to build a website using Django. At that time, I don’t have server knowledge or the back-end architecture. It is more like copying the tutorial from the Internet. Later, I became an IOS engineer by fate. At the work, I don’t usually need to work on the backend, but I think it’s cool to know that kind of knowledge. So I decide to learn in my spare time.

Let’s talk about why I choose Rust. This part is actually mostly about my intention. If you just wanna build a website, there are many languages that can get it done, Everyone has their own reasons for choosing a language, but I will also find that as long as the popular languages ​​have their own advocates, my reasons are not about performance. In fact, such things often do not see any conclusions on the Internet, only to see their own opinions.

For myself, my reasons for choosing Rust

1. I’m optimistic about Rust’s future,

You can see from GitHub that Rust has a wide range of applications. Of course, these things actually have a similar ecosystem to Python, and let’s bring them to the second point.

2. Rust’s learning curve is deep, when I first learned programming languages, I found that these languages are often introduced as easy to learn. but I saw a lot of discussion on Rust, people usually talk about Rust as difficult, but once you are skilled, It’s fun to code.

I was very curious, so I decided on Rust.

Finally, I don’t really have a vision for future articles, but it is not like a full tutorial on the Internet, I will talk about mistakes when I am coding. I think it is important to point out the mistakes I have made so that I will know how to solve the same problems in other scenarios in the future.