Bloop: An Efficient AI-Powered Code Search Tool

Apr 3, 2023·

3 min read

Bloop: An Efficient AI-Powered Code Search Tool

Since ChatGPT emerged, there has been an influx of AI-powered tools that make work seem so much easier, yet at the same time, it can feel like we may soon become unemployed. With ChatGPT, one can even write simple code, and if it's incorrect, just let it know, and it will provide a corrected version in no time. It's truly amazing. (By the way, there are times when ChatGPT keeps making the same mistake, no matter how many times you tell it. Haha.) Today, I would like to introduce an AI software called Bloop, which is quite different from ChatGPT.

My opinion first

Chat-GPT is a tool that is particularly suited for technical Q&A and simple programming questions. It can understand users' questions through natural language processing and generate high-quality answers based on information in relevant knowledge bases. This makes Chat-GPT a very useful tool that can help developers quickly solve problems.

On the other hand, Bloop is more like a tool that can be used in completed projects, especially when you need to find relevant code in completed projects, or when you need to propose test scenarios or code consultations in the context of code. Bloop uses advanced AI technology to understand your code and can help you quickly find the code you need or the questions you need to consult. Of course, this is possible because it is connected to Git, so it may be necessary to consult with the company for official projects.

How to use it

Bloop's design is very simple, and users only need to link their GitHub account on the Bloop website and choose the repositories they want to sync. Bloop's search function is based on GPT-4, if anyone is really curious.

connect it!

Using bloop is very simple. You just need to enter your synced code library and type in your question. For example, you can ask "How is my home page structured?" and bloop will search for relevant code in the library and answer your question in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you can also inquire about some real-life scenarios, such as "What value will be returned if the backend of the homepage fails to retrieve data?" and bloop will give you the correct answer.

It should be noted that bloop is still in the beta phase, and if the query is unclear, it may not provide a satisfactory answer. However, in my opinion, it has already shown enough potential. With its fast code search and GPT-4 technology, bloop provides developers with a new and more efficient way to find code and solve problems. If you are a developer looking for a new and more effective code search tool, bloop is worth a try.